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De Lijn

The creation of a mobile inspection device to power their massive inspection teams, featuring hundreds of inspectors.


'Vlaamse Vervoersmaatschappij De Lijn' is a public transport company operating in the northern part of Belgium. Featuring about 2300 busses and 400 trams, it is one of the largest operators in the country for public transportation.

With hundreds of millions of passengers every year on their network, De Lijn faces a large number of fraud cases in terms of fare dodging. Fraud prevention and control is therefore crucial. With such large volumes, resulting yearly in about 2 million inspections, and about 75.000 fraud cases, the organization and logistics of inspections is a complex business that would not be possible without IT and technological support.

Mobile inspection device

Each inspector is equipped with this mobile inspection device, which features the possibility to inspect the validity of any type of transport ticket on the spot as well as recording fraud cases while on the go. The inspectors also get their inspection schedules through the device UI making it an essential tool to carry out their job.

The choice was made for a flexible portable device capable of interacting with the large variety of ticket technologies including e-tickets, NFC tickets and bank cards, so that any traveller can be inspected at any time and any place on the network.

Dioss Smart Soltutions has a long track record in smart card technology

With the diversity of ticket technology and the complexity of the integration between different systems, the choice of Dioss Smart Solutions as a technology partner is a safe bet. Since Dioss Smart solutions is specialized in custom hardware/software development, De Lijn entrusted us with developing this app.

The app was developed in cooperation with Monkeyshot, who was responsible for the optimal usability and user-friendliness. Monkeyshot designed the UX per screen and the user flow throughout the application, both based on end-user feedback.

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