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┬ę Helan


Immediately tangible added value with the digitalization of online affiliation.


Helan not only offers a smoothly running health insurance fund and affordable insurance, but also childcare, home and maternity care, domestic help, holiday camps and a care shop.

How it started

Helan was looking for a user-friendly way to digitalize their online affiliation, integrated into their online flow, to replace the manual follow-up on paper with an efficient online process for both customers and administrative users.

The implemented platform resulted in a user friendly and responsive website that can be used on a desktop, tablet and smartphone running on different operating systems and browsers.

Every year, 200,000 signatures are placed on the platform using an eID card/SMS OTP/email OTP or itsme®.

How Dioss Smart Solutions enables digitalization for Helan

In 2016, Dioss Smart Solutions developed a SaaS for document lifecycle management, including an eSign platform to place qualified signatures using the Belgian eID card.

With the addition of itsme® and SMS or email OTP in 2020, as an alternative option to sign the documents, the platform is even more accessible and user-friendly.


Interested in what Dioss can mean for your business?

We are a dynamic company that plays a progressive role in the field of digital signatures,
eID, smart card technology and Dioss eID Middleware.

Let's have a look at all our success stories and discover our added value.

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