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A beautiful co-development story that started in the late nillies with setting up a smart parking system.


For over 60 years, Interparking has been building and maintaining high quality car parks in Europe. Founded in Belgium, Interparking today has 956 sites (off street & on street) all over the continent that are visited by 123 million clients per year. They are one of the major players in the European parking field and have earned themself a loyal customer base in a number of key European cities, in the last six decades.

They understood that motorists don’t just want a place to leave their car – they want car parks in convenient locations with reliable security and full-service car parking solutions. Enter Dioss Smart Solutions!

Our collaboration goes far beyond analyses, development and consultancy. Together we rewrite the European parking scenery!

How it started

The moment a visitor tapped his card at the PCard+ pole when entering, the Dioss Smart Solutions software wrote a “in-transaction” on the card. The exit pole was tapped when exiting and the “in-transaction” on the card was read. A “parking transaction” was sent to Interparking to invoice you depending on your contract.

How does it work nowadays?

Interparking customers receive a PCard+ or smart parking card and depending on the type of contract they have this PCard+ can be used to enter one-or more Interparking car park facilities. The company that offers these PCards+ to their employees decides what type of contract suits them best. E.g., parking during the week is covered by the employer and during the weekend by the employee or x-number of PCards+ can enter the car park for free and from x+1 it is payable.

Private users can also enrol in the PCard+ system in order to be invoiced on their credit card instead of paying every visit at the pay station. They can request a PCard+ online.

How Dioss Smart Solutions digitalized the smart parking system

Today, Interparking wants to identify the PCard+ account through a number of different tokens. E.g., the PCard+ , but also License plate and in the future your own device (like a smartphone).

Therefore, it is no longer possible to write in- and out transaction onto the card, and we need to keep track of these transactions on the PCard+ system. To make sure the parking still functions when the network is offline, synchronization between the poles in the parking itself is also developed.

All parking’s local servers replicate their information to the central server at Interparking where the information is shared with the Interparking software for invoicing and account management.

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© Interparking

Custom solution

Dioss Smart Solutions is part of the Dioss Group which also includes a print and smart card department. This enables us to facilitate a tailored experience for Interparking.

In addition to software integration, we also support Interparking with the printing of Interparking PCard+ (Calypso technology) for the Belgian and French market. Interparking provides the customer information to print on the card and the contract info to write on the chip. These are then personalized in our print department, glued on a cover letter and sent out via easy post.

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