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A simple signing process leads to higher conversion rates for Solidaris.


Testimonial Dioss Smart Solutions – Solidaris

Since July 1, 2022, Solidaris has been the new name for the Socialist Mutualities, Bond Moyson, and De Voorzorg. Five values form the beating heart of their organization: openness, connectedness, engagement, trust, and ... solidarity. The name Solidaris is therefore no coincidence. Every day, they make a difference for 1.3 million members.

Solidaris closely collaborated with Dioss Smart Solutions for integration with Quill, the online signature platform. This integration makes it easy for members to sign documents digitally, significantly speeding up the registration process at Solidaris. Both membership and the purchase of insurance products such as KliniPlan and DentaPlan are fully digital thanks to Quill.

You can find all information about their services on the website:

Adriaan, Steven, and Govert, who were closely involved in the integration, share their enthusiastic experiences with Dioss Smart Solutions.

Why did you choose Quill as a digital signature solution?

Steven: "After a less positive experience with another provider, we consciously chose Quill. I was pleasantly surprised by the user-friendliness and the ability to use Quill on mobile devices. Dioss Smart Solutions exceeded our expectations with quick and dynamic price proposals, allowing Solidaris to start flexibly and later scale up based on the usage of Quill."

How did the platform implementation go? What do you think of Quill?

Steven: "The implementation went quickly and efficiently. Dioss Smart Solutions offers a personal and professional approach. Once the implementation was completed, we immediately saw a higher conversion rate among our members. This is certainly due to the simple flow that a member/customer has to go through to sign a document. Also, the use of itsme® as a signing method stimulates the growing website usage via smartphones."

Adriaan: "We clearly notice that our customers have found the way to digitally sign. In addition to the simplicity of Quill, the system is also particularly stable, which we see as a necessary condition for our service provision. All of this together leads to positive experiences, both internally and with our customers."

What are the biggest advantages of Quill?

Steven: "Solidaris always strives to complete digital processes as efficiently and flawlessly as possible. The digital signing process has led to significant time savings for Solidaris and our members. By eliminating physical movements and manual actions, we experience higher conversion rates. With Quill, a member can sign a document in just a few steps."

Are you satisfied with the service from Dioss Smart Solutions?

Steven & Govert: "We are very satisfied with the service from Dioss Smart Solutions, where we have direct contact with the right technical people without bureaucratic intermediaries. We quickly find a listening ear for questions or suggestions for new developments."

Steven: "Time savings along with a positive user experience for the members are crucial for Solidaris. I am pleased that we have a reliable partner in Dioss Smart Solutions. We are proud of this collaboration and look forward to further fruitful cooperation."

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How it works

The easy-to-use platform for approving, signing and sending documents

The Quill platform supports the use of Belgian eID cards, itsme® Sign, digital signatures, seals, SMS and email OTP and approvals.

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