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Communicate professionally with clients, suppliers, and freelancers using Quill e-signing, a world of difference!


Testimonial Dioss Smart Solutions – VIGC

What does VIGC stand for?

The Flemish Innovation Center for Graphic Communication (VIGC) is a leading and independent knowledge center for graphic communication in the Benelux. It is dedicated to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship within the broad graphic industry.

They focus on all companies and organizations involved in printing and print activities, their clients, and creative suppliers, informing and supporting them in implementing innovations and best practices.

The goal is to enhance the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of the value chain within the sector and strengthen competitiveness.

VIGC is at the intersection of technology developers, graphic companies, and their environment. With guidance, tools, independent advice, research, and practical support, VIGC aims to fulfill its mission: transferring knowledge into skills.

Why did you choose Quill? What made the difference compared to other providers?

In the search for a solution for digitally sending documents with (qualified) electronic signatures, VIGC decided to collaborate with a reliable partner. The choice fell on Dioss Smart Solutions.

What were some challenges or needs regarding electronic signing before using the Quill platform?

We often had to wait a long time for a client's signature, causing us to lose a lot of time and sometimes even assignments. Document management was also not always clear. We now solve this with the Quill platform.

How was the implementation of the platform? What do you think of Quill?

Thanks to the accessibility and user-friendliness of the platform, VIGC was able to become operational quickly. Previously, the signing process for purchase orders and contracts was very labor-intensive. Ils, who has been Office Manager at VIGC for over 20 years, emphasizes how Quill, our e-signing platform, has drastically reduced her daily workload. The time savings are enormous, allowing her to focus on core tasks and customer-oriented services.

What are the biggest advantages of using Quill for you? Can you give some concrete examples of the benefits you have experienced by using the Quill platform?

With the clear dashboard, Ils has direct insight into all documents, so hardly any follow-up is needed. Sending reminders is simple, and documents are signed by all signatories in no time. This process used to take days, including preparation such as printing, mailing, and the time needed for documents to reach the signatories. Board meeting reports, which require multiple signatures, are now handled in no time. The signatures are legally valid, and signatories have various options to sign, including via itsme, eID, or a unique SMS code. The platform is fully cloud-based and accessible via PC and smartphone.

Additionally, our collaborations with the government have been simplified by the ability to retrieve reports at a glance. Templates and mandatory fields (such as bank account number and national register number) prevent the need to request additional information afterward. Frequently used contracts with suppliers and subcontractors are easily managed, with each party receiving a signed copy. All documents can be sent directly to a specific folder on SharePoint via an API.

What is your experience with the services of Dioss Smart Solutions?

We were pleasantly surprised. The interface is intuitive and easy to understand, even for people who are not very tech-savvy. It has really helped us make the electronic signing process smoother. Ils adds that the customer friendliness and support have been fantastic. The price tag was certainly not an issue; on the contrary, we save significantly.

We highly recommend Quill.

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How it works

The easy-to-use platform for approving, signing and sending documents

The Quill platform supports the use of Belgian eID cards, itsme® Sign, digital signatures, seals, SMS and email OTP and approvals.

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