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How will the document be signed?

The receiver of the document will use his or her Belgian eID card or itsme® to sign the received document with a qualified electronic signature, or a seal, when needed combined with 2-factor authentication using SMS OTP, to seal the document.

Which type of documents can I upload?

You can upload a PDF document with maximum size of 25MB. Next to PDF-documents you can upload excel, word-files, powerpoints en images.

Can I simultaneously send the document to multiple receivers?

Yes, you can either send it to multiple signers to sign in parallel or in sequence when the order of who signs when matters.

Can the receiver sign multiple documents simultaneously?

Yes, the receiver can sign multiple documents in bulk with their eID card or a seal.

Can I sign the document first before sending it to others to sign?

Yes, you can send the document in serie to yourself and others to sign next.

How will I know if the document that I sent has been signed?

You will receive an email notification with a link to the signed document and the signed document in attachment.

Can I use itsme® to sign the received document?

Yes, you can use itsme® to sign the document with a qualified signature.

Can someone who has no Belgian eID card sign the received document?

This person can sign the document with an advanced signature using a seal, when needed combined with 2-factor authentication using SMS OTP.

Is the content of the signed document sealed?

Yes, the electronic (and digital) signature seals the content of the document.

Does the Quill platform use eIDAS compliant signatures?

Yes, this platform is in compliance with the European eIDAS regulation.

Is the Quill platform GDPR compliant?

Yes, this platform is in compliance with the GDPR. Dioss takes your trust and privacy very seriously and processes as little personal data as is necessary for its services. In addition, to provide you with the best experience possible, we also need to process some personal data that we may use for notifications of new features/services or statistical analysis. Other data is only used for the provided services in question. If you use these services, you agree to this privacy statement. Please note that you can opt out at any time by mailing to

Is my personal data stored somewhere?

Only if necessary for the offered service. And to offer you the best experience possible, we might contact you to ask about your experiences or to offer new services, and we might use your personal anonimized data in statistical analyses.

Are my documents stored somewhere?

Yes, they are stored in the Quill platform, only accessible by other users who have the proper rights to do so.

What is a PDF/A compliant document?

Some PDF documents are more safe to sign than others. For most use cases, regular PDF documents will be ok. For other cases or document types, such as contracts, we recommend the use of PDF/A documents, specifically at least PDF/A-1b (basic conformance). Simply put, a document that is PDF/A compliant includes all resources so that the way the document looks will not change due to external resources. For example, an external font might be used which causes text in the document to become larger or smaller, obfuscating or revealing other parts of the document that might be relevant. For example, this could make a leading 1 in a number to not be visible on first review. In some cases you will see a warning using our services, along the lines of “Please check this document carefully, as you are about to sign a non PDF/A compliant document, which means that the appearance of the document can be changed”.

What should I do if the validaty of the signature I placed with my eID card is unknown when opening the signed document in Acrobat Reader

One possible reason is that the 'Belgium Root CAs' are not yet trusted by Acrobat Reader. You can resolve this problem by performing the different steps as outlined in the following article.

Which browsers are supported?

All commonly used browsers are supported, such as:

  • On Windows: Edge, Chrome, Firefox
  • On MacOS: Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • On Ubuntu: Chrome, Firefox

Is Dioss Smart Solutions ISO27001 compliant and certified?

ISO 27001 is a specification for an information security management system, it’s a framework of policies and procedures that includes legal, physical and technical controls involved in our information risk management processes. We use it as a system to ensure that we are conducting our business in an organized and secure way and are continuously improving both our approach and level of security. Dioss Smart Solutions is ISO27001 compliant and certified. We are regularly audited by BSI, who is an accredited certification body.

Where can I find the General Terms and Conditions?

For more information, please visit the General Terms and Conditions page.

Where can I obtain more information on this platform and related services?

Please visit the Quill product webpage on
For more information, please contact us on

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