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QA release date: 02/04/2024 - PROD release date: 16/04/2024

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This document provides information about the release of Quill v2.5 (April 2024). Quill v2.5 will be released to the QA environment on 02/04/2024 and to the production environment on 16/04/2024.

What's new in this release?

We are excited to introduce several enhancements and new features in this release of Quill. Below, you'll find a comprehensive overview of the key updates.

Folder-specific contact lists (QU-1859)

We are pleased to introduce folder-specific contact lists, a significant enhancement that enables users to manage contacts tailored to each individual folder. This advancement eliminates the necessity for global platform guests.

Users now have the capability to enable these contacts on a per-folder basis, affording them the flexibility to work with registered users, guest users, and/or folder-specific contacts as desired.

Leveraging these folder contacts facilitates the segregation of signers based on specific use cases, thereby enhancing organizational efficiency and workflow management.

Templates for collections (QU-1796)

In addition to the existing document-level templates, we are excited to introduce a new template variant: the collection template.

With the collection template feature, users can now create templates containing multiple documents. Upon applying the template, these designated documents are seamlessly copied into the collection, providing the creator with the flexibility to remove any unnecessary documents as needed.

This innovative functionality allows for the creation of comprehensive collection templates tailored for various use cases. For instance, users can assemble an onboarding bundle encompassing documents such as a car policy, a working-at-home policy, and more. Should certain documents not be relevant to a particular case, users can effortlessly omit them from the collection during application of the template.

Improved UX for user creation (QU-1758)

In response to valuable user feedback, we have enhanced the user creation process within Quill. We have prioritized user-centric improvements by refining the flow to be more intuitive. Now, upon adding a new user, administrators can conveniently configure folder settings and group settings immediately, streamlining the process.

Addressing a common concern raised by users, this enhancement minimizes the risk forgetting to assign folder or group privileges to newly added users. By integrating these settings directly into the user creation process, we aim to enhance efficiency and reduce potential errors, ensuring a smoother experience for administrators and users alike.

Attribute fields, Numeric fields & Date fields for signers (QU-1757 / QU-1754)

In addition to the current input and checkbox fields, we are introducing a new attribute field. This attribute field dynamically utilizes pre-existing system information, offering enhanced flexibility and convenience. Users can configure the attribute field to include various values, including:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Mobile phone number (in case of SMS OTP)
  • Memo field

This feature empowers users to seamlessly integrate essential information directly into their forms, facilitating smoother processes and eliminating the need for redundant data entry.

We have also introduced two new field types: the numeric field and the date field. The numeric field allows users to input numerical values, facilitating accurate data entry. Meanwhile, the date field incorporates an intuitive date picker, simplifying the process of entering date information. This user-friendly feature enhances efficiency and reduces the likelihood of errors associated with manual date entry.

Together, these new field types complement our existing features, providing users with enhanced flexibility and usability in capturing and managing data within our platform.

Form Field validators (QU-1755)

As part of our continuous commitment to improving data accuracy, we have introduced validation rules for form fields. This feature serves to validate entered values against predefined criteria, ensuring data integrity.

To initiate this process, we have included a predefined validator for the National Insurance (NISS) number. Administrators can further customize validation rules as needed through the company settings. For example, additional validators, such as those for bank account numbers, can be created.

This added layer of validation significantly enhances data integrity, bolstering confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the information within your process.

Collections: Add / Remove & Update sequence (QU-1753)

In the collection view, we have introduced a new "General" tab. This tab provides users with an overview of all documents within the collection, allowing you to update the sequence per document. Additionally, users can conveniently add new documents or remove/replace existing ones directly from this interface. This enhancement streamlines the organization and editing processes within collections.

Disable download for unsigned documents as guest (QU-1851)

This feature enables administrators to disable the download functionality for unsigned documents, effectively preventing end users from downloading these documents before they are signed. By implementing this setting, organizations can ensure the integrity of their digital signing processes. Preventing end users from signing a printed copy of the document.

User Experience / User Interface updates

In our continuous effort to improve user experience and interface efficiency, we've implemented several updates in this release:

  • Unsaved changes prompt when swapping a file (QU-1848): In the editor, a prompt will now appear alerting users to any unsaved changes when swapping files, minimizing the risk of data loss.
  • Hide fieldname and field boundary for predefined field values (QU-1827): In the signing preview, field names and boundaries are now hidden when predefined fixed field values are present. This adjustment enhances user clarity and ensures transparent utilization of predefined values.
  • Automatic document naming from template (QU-1807): When generating a document from the template library, the document name will automatically mirror that of the template, simplifying the naming process for users.
  • Enhanced Form Fields User Experience (QU-1797): We have optimized the procedure for completing multiple form fields during the signing process, fostering a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  • Download all for collections (QU-1851): We have added a new button allowing you to download all documents with just one click.


  • Add remark when forwarding sign request (QU-1866): When forwarding a sign request you can add a remark which is copied into the communication towards the new signer.
  • Notification Settings per Folder (QU-1704): This enables a more granular control over notifications, allowing users to tailor communication preferences according to specific folder requirements.
  • Import users into a group via CSV (QU-1835): Users can now be imported into a group using a CSV file, providing a streamlined method for managing user data.
  • Allow multiple SendGrid API’s per company (QU-1897): Companies can now configure multiple SendGrid API keys, enabling the assignment of an API key per domain for enhanced control and flexibility.
  • New connector: Google Drive (QU-1761): In addition to our existing SharePoint and SFTP connectors, we are pleased to announce the integration of Google Drive support, expanding our range of connectivity options.

What's planned for the next release?

We are committed to further enhancing Quill and have exciting features planned for the next release, scheduled for the next quarter:

  • Kiosk signing flow: We will make it possible to easily switch to another user in the same session, when co-signers are physically present in the location and intend to use the same device for signing.
  • Folder-Specific Contact Lists (extras): We will expand the capabilities of folder-specific contact lists by introducing a user-friendly import functionality.
  • Collections enhancement: In response to user feedback, we are implementing a feature that permits the selective signing of documents within a designated collection, offering increased flexibility and efficiency.
  • Improve mobile UX for form fields: Recognizing the importance of mobile accessibility, we are dedicated to refining the user experience associated with form fields on mobile devices, ensuring a more intuitive and fluid interaction.


Visit the Quill product page here.
A list of frequently asked questions can be found here.
The General Terms and Conditions using this platform are listed here.
The Privacy Statement is described here.
The English user manual here.
The API documentation is here.

Several application notes describing typical scenarios are available here:

  • How to add users and make sure they have the correct permissions
  • How to let the Quill platform send emails from your own domain
  • How to correctly handle the retention of documents
  • How to use redirect URLs & sequential signing
  • How to use webhooks
  • Different steps to follow when implementing bulk signing in integrated scenarios (and the use of OpenID Connect)
  • Different steps to follow when implementing document collections in integrated scenarios


If you have issues, feedback or questions about the Quill platform, please contact us on, or contact your sales representative directly.


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