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QA release date: 25/06/2024 - PROD release date: 09/07/2024

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1 Introduction

This document provides information about the release of Quill v2.6 (July 2024). Quill v2.6 will be released to the QA environment on 25/06/2024 and to the production environment on 09/07/2024.

2 What’s new in this release?

We are excited to introduce several enhancements and new features in this release of Quill. Below, you'll find a comprehensive overview of the key updates.

2.1 Kiosk flow (QU-1908)

We are excited to introduce the new kiosk flow feature, designed for situations where signers are physically present at your location. This feature allows signers to sign documents in kiosk mode, offering an alternative to sequential or parallel signing modes.

How this works:

- Sequential Signing without Email Invitations: In kiosk mode, signers will sign one after another, similar to the sequential mode. However, they will not receive email invitations.

- On-Screen Signing: All signers will use the same on-screen document, ensuring a streamlined and efficient signing process.

This new feature is ideal for in-person signing sessions, providing a smooth and efficient signing experience.

2.2 Folder-Specific Contact Lists: support importer (QU-1959)

In Quill 2.5, we unveiled the functionality for folder-specific contacts. Building upon this feature, we are now introducing the capability to import contacts in bulk for each designated folder. Within the Users overview, our import feature now empowers administrators to seamlessly import contacts while specifying their role as a Contact and assigning them to the relevant folder.

This enhancement significantly streamlines processes, whether it involves migrating guests to contacts or onboarding new use cases. With bulk import functionality, the task of individually adding contacts per document is eliminated, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

2.3 User Experience / User Interface updates

In our continuous effort to improve user experience and interface efficiency, we've implemented several updates in this release:

- Allow to disable redirect when visiting link via mail (QU-1910): When utilizing redirect links supplied via API integration, users are automatically redirected when visiting the sign link. With our latest update, administrators now have the option to disable this redirection specifically for direct mail links, providing greater control over user experience and navigation.

- Don’t send finished mail when invitation was not sent (QU-1933): In sequential signing scenarios, it was previously possible for finished mails to be sent even if a signer had not yet received an invitation due to the previous signer declining the signature. Our recent improvement ensures that finished mails are not sent in such scenarios.

- Allow configuration of own seal via Azure Key Vault (UI) (QU-1934): For organizations utilizing their own company certificates for sealing purposes, our platform now offers the flexibility to configure custom certificates directly through our user interface.

2.4 Miscellaneous

- Disable unique document id with SharePoint connector (QU-1939): When documents are uploaded to SharePoint using our connector, the filename is automatically prefixed with a numeric document ID. With our latest enhancement, administrators now have the ability to disable this automatic prefixing.

- Auto validate domain when whitelisting domain (QU_1928) : when activating sendgrid API, a check will be performed to see if DNS records already existed or not.

3 What’s planned for the next release?

We are committed to further enhancing Quill and have exciting features planned for the next release, scheduled for the start of the next quarter:

- Meta fields for signers (QU-1756) : In addition to the fields required for identifying a signer (first name, last name, and email address), we have introduced meta fields. These fields consist of a title (key) and a corresponding value. They can be inputted manually within the platform or integrated via our API. By incorporating meta fields, we offer a streamlined approach to document preparation. These fields can be seamlessly incorporated into documents, facilitating automatic population of signer-specific information. This advancement removes the necessity of generating customized documents for each individual signer.

- Indicate all documents are read (QU_1902) : To ensure clarity for end users regarding their acknowledgment of document content, we've introduced a new configuration. This enables the addition of an explicit checkbox, indicating that all documents within a collection have been thoroughly reviewed prior to signing.

4 Resources

- Visit the Quill product page here.

- A list of frequently asked questions can be found here in English.

- The General Terms and Conditions for using this platform are listed here.

- The Privacy Statement is described here.

- The English user manual can be accessed here.

- The API documentation is available here.

Several application notes describing typical scenarios are available here:

- How to add users and ensure they have the correct permissions

- How to configure the Quill platform to send emails from your own domain

- Proper handling of document retention

- Using redirect URLs and sequential signing

- Implementing webhooks effectively

- Steps to follow when implementing bulk signing in integrated scenarios (and the use of OpenID Connect)

- Steps to follow when implementing document collections in integrated scenarios

5 Contact

If you encounter issues, have feedback or questions about the Quill platform, please reach out to us at, or contact your sales representative directly.


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