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QA release date: 12/06/2023 - PROD release date: 20/06/2023

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This document provides information about the release of Quill v2.2 (June 2023). Quill v2.2 will be released to the QA environment on 12/06/2023 and to the production environment on 20/06/2023. This release marks the third release in 2023.

What's new in this release?

Expiration date for signing and approval requests (QU-805)

Signing and approval requests will now have an expiration date based on folder and company-level parameters. Expired documents will be marked accordingly, allowing for the restart of the flow.

Update signing methods/types after configuration or flow initiation (QU-883)

Even after the flow has been started, it is now possible to change the signing methods/types.

Form filling (QU-1275)

In addition to the initial fields and extra visual signature, you can now add fillable form fields in the document. This includes the option to add free text fields and checkboxes. Before sending the document, specific fields can have values added (eliminating the need to create a new PDF document for generic fields). Signers are required to fill out fields without values before signing the document.

Insights (QU-1342)

We have introduced a dashboard that provides insights on approvals and signatures per day/month per folder. Additionally, there is a detailed action log for actions performed at the company level. This action log can assist you in providing first-line support to your customers.

User with multiple roles/capacities (QU-187)

We are introducing the concept of capacities, where one person can have different roles within a company, such as being a member of the board of directors and the CEO. Users can pre-define capacities in which they can sign documents. This capability can also be utilized by document creators. Consequently, a document can be signed multiple times by the same person, but with different capacities.

Reseller (QU-1271)

If your company is enabled as a reseller, you can now add subcompanies.

This enables your customers to invite their own users, upload their own documents, and have their own branding within their dedicated subcompany. The main company admin retains control over the subcompanies, and specific signature types can be enabled or disabled for each individual company.

Onboarding and managing these subcompanies is also possible through the API, facilitating seamless integration with your own tools.

Allow different visual signatures and paraphs at the document level (QU-1349)

We have extended the visual signatures to be able to specify a new visual signature without necessarily overwriting your default representation of your signature. This way it’s possible to sign a specific document with another representation.

New signature methods added (QU-245 & QU-249)

A new signature method has been introduced that enables you to draw your own signature “by hand” on the document. This feature adds a simple electronic signature option to the platform. Additionally an advanced signature method using email OTP has been implemented. This feature allows signers to conveniently sign documents from any location using email-based one-time passwords.


  • Export user table into csv (QU-1299): Easily export user information from the Quill platform to a CSV file, allowing you to import it into your preferred application for statistical analysis.
  • Validation signer name through API (QU-1055): A new API has been added to retrieve signature details, such as the signer's name, … directly from the embedded certificate.
  • Forwarding signing requests (QU-809): Signing requests can now be forwarded to people on the delegation list or to someone else (this feature needs to be enabled for the company and per folder).
  • Multiple initial fields can now be added (QU-1301)
  • Initial fields and visual signatures can now be saved in a template (QU-1302): From now on the extra fields (initial fields / visual signatures & form fields) are also saved in a template.
  • Keyboard usage in Quill (QU-1254): Now you can use your keyboard to confirm popups, select records, .. enabling a more efficient user experience.

What's planned for the next release?

We are planning to release a new version of Quill by the end of the summer. We are excited to enhance our platform with the following features:

  • Importing users from a CSV file
  • Importing (multi)signers/approvers from a CSV file (document flow)
  • Extending the action log
  • Defining custom email templates
  • Enhancing the document template library (editing / support template document)
  • Sending multiple document emails as one digest mail
  • Displaying the signing method on the document
  • Improving user experience by reducing the number of clicks required


Visit the Quill product page here.
A list of frequently asked questions can be found here.
The General Terms and Conditions using this platform are listed here.
The Privacy Statement is described here.
The English user manual here
The API documentation is available upon request.

Several application notes describing typical scenarios are available here:

  • How to add users and make sure they have the correct permissions
  • How to let the Quill platform send emails from your own domain
  • How to correctly handle the retention of documents
  • How to use redirect URLs & sequential signing
  • How to use webhooks
  • Different steps to follow when implementing bulk signing in integrated scenarios (and the use of OpenID Connect)
  • Different steps to follow when implementing document collections in integrated scenarios


If you have issues, feedback or questions about the Quill platform, please contact us on, or contact your sales representative directly.


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