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QA release date: 05/09/2023 - PROD release date: 12/09/2023

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This document provides information about the release of Quill v2.3 (September 2023). Quill v2.3 will be released to the QA environment on 05/09/2023 and to the production environment on 12/09/2023. This release marks the fourth release in 2023

What's new in this release?

We are excited to introduce several enhancements and new features in this release of Quill. Below, you'll find a comprehensive overview of the key updates.

Template library (QU-1394)

In this release, we are proud to introduce the Template Library feature. This powerful tool allows you to create templates from scratch and manage existing templates with ease. Quill now supports two types of templates:

  1. Empty templates: These templates do not have a specific PDF attached to them. You can configure various settings, including general configuration, approvers, signers, post-sign actions, and signature locations. These settings can then be applied to newly uploaded documents, streamlining your workflow.
  2. Library templates: With this option, you can attach a PDF directly to the template. This library template can be used to create new documents without the need to upload a file from your local computer. By selecting the template from the documents overview, you ensure consistency in document templates. This, combined with our form fields, eliminates the need to create new PDFs for each document.

Additionally, when applying a template, you now have the flexibility to choose which configurations to apply, for example allowing you to include only signers or approvers. We have also introduced the ability to add template signers, specifying signature locations. When a template with a template signer is applied, the signer can be replaced by the actual signer with a few clicks.

Replace signer (without removing and re-adding) (QU-1613)

Building on the introduction of fillable form fields in version 2.2, we've extended support to our multi-signing flow. This enhancement enables you to collect information from multiple signers simultaneously. You can easily add fillable fields to your PDFs, mark them as required, and ensure that they must be completed before signing. You can also manually input values, eliminating the need for temporary document creation.

Support fillable formfields for multi-sign (QU-1468)

Fillable form fields were introduced in version 2.2. We now added this support to our multi signing flow too. This allows you to collect information from a lot of signers at once.

You can easily drag and drop a fillable field on your PDF and indicate if this is a required field, required fields need to have a value before the signer is able to sign the document.

There is also the option to add a value yourself, this eliminates the need to create a temporary document to change one field on the document. You can leave the content of this field blank in your PDF and enter the value as a form field in Quill.

Immediate signing of document by document owner (QU-1411)

We've streamlined the signing process in this release. You can now send and sign your documents with a single click, directly redirecting you to the signing step for a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

Add Approvers/Signers/Multi-Signers via CSV (QU-1469)

For cases where you need to add a large number of approvers, signers, or multi-sign recipients, we've introduced CSV file support. Prepare your list in Excel and easily upload it via drag and drop or copy-paste. Existing Quill users will be updated, while new users will receive invitations based on the provided information.

Import users from CSV file (QU-1385)

Bulk user imports are now possible through CSV files, and you can immediately assign them to specific groups. This combination streamlines user management, ensuring that users inherit group privileges automatically.

Send notifications as one daily digest mail (QU-269)

To reduce email notifications and enhance user experience, we've introduced the option to consolidate notifications into a single daily digest email. You can specify the timing of these email digests on a company-wide level, aligning them with your working hours.

Visually represent the signer method in the signature (QU-428)

In this release, we offer the option to visually represent the signer method (eID, itsme®, SMS OTP, etc.) in the signature. This feature is customizable and can be enabled at the company level to enhance document clarity.

Resend invitation email to user (QU-7)

When users are invited and require resending of the invitation email, this can now be accomplished with a single click, ensuring a smoother user onboarding process.

itsme® advanced signing (QU-995)

We've introduced an advanced signing method that allows users to verify their identity via itsme®. Unlike qualified itsme® signing, where itsme® signs the document, this advanced method involves user identification by itsme® and document signing by Quill.

Connectors (QU-1540)

Starting from Quill 2.3, we introduce the concept of connectors within our platform. This feature facilitates seamless integration with other applications without requiring extra software or API usage. The connector provides two activities: sending completed documents to a preferred connection and receiving documents.

In this release, we've included two connectors:

  • Sharepoint: This connector enables integration with Sharepoint sites.
  • SFTP: This connector allows the setup of secure FTP connections.

Custom email templating (QU-1387)

We have enhanced our email templating capabilities to offer more advanced customization. Users can now configure email templates with options to:

  • Change the background color of the email.
  • Modify the background color of text content.
  • Adjust the header and footer. For header and footer adjustments, users can add or remove rows and columns to the layout and incorporate text or images, such as banners in the header.

User Experience / User Interface updates

In our continuous effort to improve user experience and interface efficiency, we've implemented several updates in this release:

  • Streamlined File Editing Workflow (QU-1467 / QU-801): Editing multiple individual files in a single flow has been made more efficient. You no longer need to search for your newly uploaded files via the documents screen.
  • Enhanced Approver/Signer Addition (QU-1566): We've reduced the number of clicks required when adding approvers and signers, making the process smoother and more user-friendly.
  • Simplified "View" Button Behavior (QU-1618): The "View" button will no longer be visible when only one document is available for signing. Additionally, it will be disabled for the currently viewed file, ensuring a clearer interface.
  • Unsaved Changes Warning (QU-1443): A warning prompt will now be displayed when leaving a page with unsaved changes, helping to prevent accidental data loss.
  • Context Menu Signature Removal (QU-1390): You can now remove extra visual signatures via the context menu, accessible with a right-click, providing greater flexibility in managing signatures.
  • Improved eID PIN Code Entry (QU-1568): We now support the use of the enter key when entering the eID PIN code in the user interface, enhancing user convenience


  • Extended Statistics API for Resellers (QU-1596): The Statistics API has been expanded to provide resellers with more comprehensive information, enabling better data analysis.
  • Enhanced Signature Identity Verification via API (QU-1539): We've improved the verification of signature identity through our API, enhancing security and trust in electronic signatures.
  • Inclusion of Sent Reminders in Action Log (QU-1452): Reminders that are sent are now logged as part of the action log, providing a transparent record of communication

What's planned for the next release?

We are committed to further enhancing Quill and have exciting features planned for the next release, scheduled for the start of the upcoming year:

  • Support for PNG/JPG Document Types (Converted to PDF for Signing): We will introduce support for PNG and JPG document types, which will be automatically converted to PDF for signing.
  • Excel File Format as Attachment in Collections: Users will be able to attach Excel file formats within collections, expanding document compatibility.
  • Override Notification Settings per Folder: This feature will empower users to customize notification settings on a per-folder basis, providing greater control over communication preferences.
  • Mix Parallel and Sequential Signing Order: Quill will allow for a flexible combination of parallel and sequential signing orders within workflows.
  • Support for Adding (1 out of a defined group needs to sign): Users will have the ability to specify that only one signer from a defined group needs to sign a document, simplifying complex signing scenarios.
  • Additional Privileges for User Invitation: We will introduce extra privileges to enable the invitation of new users without the need to configure detailed permissions, simplifying user onboarding.


Visit the Quill product page here.
A list of frequently asked questions can be found here.
The General Terms and Conditions using this platform are listed here.
The Privacy Statement is described here.
The English user manual here.
The API documentation is here.

Several application notes describing typical scenarios are available here:

  • How to add users and make sure they have the correct permissions
  • How to let the Quill platform send emails from your own domain
  • How to correctly handle the retention of documents
  • How to use redirect URLs & sequential signing
  • How to use webhooks
  • Different steps to follow when implementing bulk signing in integrated scenarios (and the use of OpenID Connect)
  • Different steps to follow when implementing document collections in integrated scenarios


If you have issues, feedback or questions about the Quill platform, please contact us on, or contact your sales representative directly.


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