QA release date: 31/07/2020 - PROD release date: 17/08/2020

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This page contains information on the platform release of Quill 4.0.
Quill 4.0 will be released on the QA environment on 31/7/2020 and the PROD environment will be released on 17/8/2020.

New features

itsme® signing

On top of being able to sign your document with a qualified signature using the certificate of your eID card or a seal, you can now also use itsme® to sign documents.

Please note the following:

  • itsme® signing needs to be enabled for your Company based on your license.
  • Bulk signing is not supported using itsme®.
  • When a document is not PDF/A compliant to sign using itsme® a warning will be issued. More information on this topic can be found online on the Quill FAQ page.

Customization/company specific branding

  • Custom UI of Quill platform: customize the look and feel of the platform using your Company’s look and feel and logo.
  • Your Company’s logo will also be on top of every email send out by the platform.
  • Customize the email message in the “request to sign document” email.

Multiple signature types per document

A document uploader can chose which signature type(s) the signer is allowed to use, i.e., using eID card, itsme® and/or seal. A setting is added on company level to enable/disable the different signature types.

Confidentiality flag

When a document contains confidential information, a flag on document level can be set to ensure only the uploader of the document and the signatories can view the content of this document.


When the reminder setting is enabled on company level, reminder emails will be sent to the signatories who have not signed yet. These emails will be sent every time a set number of days has passed.

User language

The user language is a setting of a specific user and results in displaying the UI of the Quill platform in the corresponding language, as well as receiving emails from Quill in the corresponding language. The available languages are: Dutch, French and English.


Reminder setting on company level: enable/disable reminder emails on a specific interval.

  • Signature types on company level: enable/disable the use of eID card, itsme® and/or seal.
  • Email notification preferences are now by default enabled.
  • Remark and motivation setting can be enabled/disabled on company level.
  • Setting to define number of visible rows in overview screens.
  • Setting to define language of a user (for UI of the Quill platform and language of the received emails).


The API now also supports:

  • itsme® signing
  • Multiple signature types
  • User language setting
  • Confidentiality flag
  • Custom message in ‘invite to sign’ emails
  • Retract signing flow


Improved user experience through:

  • More informative emails when invited to the Quill platform (who has invited you) and when invited to sign a document (name of person who invited you and the name of the document).
  • A confirmation step when deleting documents.
  • Tips when hoovering over icons.

When the document is signed with eID card or itsme®, the name belonging to the certificate is now printed above the signature.

Bug fixes

  • Once a document is removed using the API, it can no longer be removed through the API.
  • No more visual overlap of the handwritten signature and the electronic signature.


Visit the Quill product page here here.
A list of frequently asked questions can be found here.
The General Terms and Conditions using this platform are listed here.
The Privacy Statement is described here.

The following user manuals are available upon request:

  • Dutch user manual v4: Quill v4 gebruikershandleiding NL.pdf
  • French user manual v4: Quill v4 manuel de l'utilisateur FR.pdf

Updated API documentation and an overview of the changes is available upon request: Quill v4 API v1.5.pdf and Quill v4 API v1.5 changes.pdf


If you have issues, feedback or questions about the Quill platform, please contact us on or contact your sales representative directly.


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