QA release date: 05/01/2021 - PROD release date: 18/01/2021

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This page contains information on the platform release of Quill 6.0.
Quill v6.0 will be released on the QA environment on 05/01/2021 and the PROD environment will be released on 18/01/2021.

New features

SMS OTP signing
On top of being able to sign your document with a qualified signature using the certificate of your eID card, a seal, itsmeĀ®, you can now also use SMS OTP to sign documents. Please note, that bulk signing with SMS OTP is not possible yet.

Sealed evidence reports
Once the document is fully signed, an evidence report is generated and sealed. This document lists all actions performed in order to get the document signed. This document is available for download by the document owner in the document details page.

Manual reminders
When a signing flow is started, the document owner can manually send out a reminder to the signatories to sign the document. This reminder can be send from the document overview page or from the document detail page.

Now the order of signatories is saved in a template as well. When a template is applied, the order in which the signatories where added is assigned, but can still be changed when needed.


  • Extended communication e-mail user level settings


  • Support for SMS OTP signing
  • Request Sealed evidence report
  • Retrieve signing method settings per company


Improved user experience through:

  • Reply to signing invitation e-mail will be send to document uploader
  • General emails are sent from, this way the emails are much less likely to be seen as spam
  • The action logs include failed signing attempts
  • When you have not registered your eID card for login purposes, a clear error message is shown
  • When you enter a wrong pin code for your eID card, the attempts left are clearly indicated
  • Support for accented characters in remarks and reasons
  • Enhanced tooltips for icons
  • Info tab: an info tab is now available, referring to FAQ, General Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement and compliancy statements


Visit the Quill product page here.
A list of frequently asked questions can be found here.
The General Terms and Conditions using this platform are listed here.
The Privacy Statement is described here.

The following user manuals are available upon request:

  • Dutch user manual v6: Quill v6 gebruikershandleiding NL.pdf
  • French user manual v6: Quill v6 manuel de l'utilisateur FR.pdf

The API documentation is available upon request:

  • API documentation: Quill v6 API v1.6.pdf
  • API changes overview: Quill v6 API v1.6 changes.pdf


If you have issues, feedback or questions about the Quill platform, please contact us on or contact your sales representative directly.


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